Tuesday, March 30, 2010

can't stop, won't stop, never intend to



I forgot that circus performers live below me in my apartment. I also forgot how useful they can be. Story:

I got home early from camp tonight, and decided to go for a run. Good idea. but, I forgot my keys. Also, Stephen and Jeanne are at a far away over night camp, and Greg is prone to doing things after work like going to the gym, or seder's (he's jewish like that) and not coming home until ten. It was 7:30, and two and a half hours is a long time to wait on one's porch.

So I rang the downstairs doorbell. I never talk to my downstairs neighbors, not because they are anti social, but because they are circus performers and work on weekends, the only time i have off. Nick came to the door. I asked if perchance they had a key to my house, because we have a key to theirs. Granted, we have a key to the basement where the laundrey machine is, but still, they might have a key for us. They didn't.

I asked if they had a ladder, because if i could get on the roof of my porch, the window there is easy to open and crawl in. They didn't.

what they did have was the following sentence:
"Hey Ashlin, come here, it's time to be a daredevil"

out came Ashlin, Nick's circus partner. Up on Nicks shoulders she went.
not quite there.
"there is no way, Nick"

"stand on my palms, i'll boost you up."

Onto Nicks palms she went. And onto the roof she went.

She got into the window in a flash, came down stairs, and unlocked the front door. Hallelu.

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