Friday, January 22, 2010

good story.

Last week I became violently ill Wednesday morning at 2 o'clock. I puked many times, dry heaved, excreted, and cleaned the bathroom. I was fevered and weak all day, I didn't eat anything and was becoming mildly delusional. At one point I was sitting in my beautiful $5 goodwill chair that smells faintly of old people and soap, when my phone started ringing. It was about 3:30 in the afternoon.

I answered my phone, and on the other end of the line was Kiki, my partner in handling the third graders after school for homework help. I was still delusional from the fever, and I was fairly confused. I spoke with a few of the kids, who all told me to come and help them with their homework. Some even told me that because I had such long legs I may as well just hop on my bicycle and ride on over there, because it wouldn't take too long. Or I could even run and get there in three steps. obviously that.

I did neither of those things, and I didn't even make it to school the next day because I was so weak, but nothing could have turned that awful awful day around so much. I was so happy afterwords that i tried to drink some kool-aid to get some strength back. but alas. it did not work.

This week has been trainings and even a retreat back to camp duncan to learn more about ourselves and each other. It is impressive to see how the corps has matured in the last few months.

I'm so inspired, I'm even applying for one more year of below minimum wage, fifty hour work weeks. I hope i get in one more time, It would give me more time to develop some much needed leadership skills as well as mature me even beyond my current enlightened stage.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

winter's cold is too much to handle

Joselyn is no longer with us.
Her brother Joshua was thrown in the snow by some other kids and then kicked. He told his grandma, who cannot pick them up every day to make sure this does not happen. the only trouble is, as soon as the kids leave after starfish, they only want to fight each other.
Today I told one girl it was time to go home.

"no, now's the time to kick snow on each other and fight!"

yeah, no I'm cool with that. I love playing in the snow. Sometimes snowball fights break out, whatever. But you don't cross that line to the point where a kid is crying and you're still kicking him.

And as soon as they leave the school grounds, there's not technically anything we can do but watch.

Some kids still cheer me up though. And I'm making a difference, I guess.

Yesterday I was walking home from a friend's house, and crossing the street I heard a car screech and then a different noise. I turned around and saw one stopped car, and assumed it was a fender bender. I laughed a little at people's inattentiveness, and turned back around.

Then I realized there only one car.

I turned back around and ran over to find a woman down on the ground. I asked if she was okay, to check for consciousness and whatnot. She was responsive and awake. A magical EMT came out of no where and off of the job. She told me she was and EMT and could handle it. Another man had called nine one one so I waited with them for the ambulance and carried on my way.

I called my parents because I had lots of adrenaline going and needed to talk to someone.

Also, they're pretty cool.