Monday, December 7, 2009

ticket to ride

Sharrod: Man, cheyenne get your fat nose outta my buisness!

Sharrod! come with me now.

Joselyn: Mr. B! I could talk to you?

Not now Joselyn, maybe when I'm done talking to Sharrod.

Joselyn: Mr. B! i need to talk to you!

In a minute, Joselyn.

Sharrod: man, I didn't do nothin' mr. B!

Come with me.

You called Joselyn ugly earlier and you just called Cheyenne fat. Why?

Sharrod: she was messin' with me first!

Drew: Is Sharrod giving you trouble? he needs to go home.

Sharrod: No, Mr. B! I'll be good! don't call my momma!

(A brief paraphrase)
Drew & I: Sharrod, do you understand that when you let Cheyenne get to you enough that you get in trouble for responding to her, she is bossing you around? She wants you to get in trouble, and when you call her fat or say you want to bust her jaw, she is winning. You don't want her to win, do you?

Sharrod: No, man. but she messin' with me!

She's winning, Sharrod.

Sharrod: ok, i'll be good.

Joselyn: Mr. B! I could talk to you!

Ok ms. Joselyn, what do you need.

Joselyn: I could talk to you in the hall!

ok, come with me.

Joselyn: up there was a computer lab.

It's not anymore though. What do you need?

Joselyn: It was before! when I was little!

I believe you, what do you need to talk to me about?

Joselyn: We could go in the office?

Hold on. What are we talking about here.

Joselyn: We gotsta talk about my behave!

Why? You've been a little talkative, but nothing too bad.

Joselyn: I was gonna be in trouble!

As long as you keep your arguing down, you'll be fine. Lets go back, its time to pack up to go home.

Joselyn: You could zip up my coat?

I guess so. come on, I have to go get the other kids.

Have a good day Ms. Joselyn.

Joselyn:Bye, Mr. B! my gramma come to pick me up!

I believe you. Go downstairs to meet her!

And that's how I get through stressful days.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

weird fishes

a man in the middle of the road with a flat tire.
an old man, looking confused.
a woman stopped to talk to him.
we asked if we could help, she gave us her keys so we could drive her car while she drove his to a shop.
a cop came to fix the situation, so we didn't have to.

We were in the hood, and she trusted us. Why doesn't that happen more often?

I worked with some high schoolers working with some middle schoolers, and I realized how far I've come since then. It was odd.

There's this awesome man named Buzz who was working with us. He came off creepy at first, but then I realized he was just incredibly comfortable with who he was. when we were done he played us a song on the piano that he wrote, and the lyrics were so good I still remember some of them.

I love it when the world throws people like this at me in the midst of liars, cheaters, and people who think violence solves problems. We were working with the middle schoolers on team builders and the idea that violence only complicates. If you're from Holland, you don't understand how much this idea can change this world. Thursday two of my starfish were almost at blows because one wanted the others identical piece of paper because it was less wrinkled. It's the solution to everything. I don't like this. We need more people to show them peace, like the mystery woman and Buzz.

Instant gratification is also the problem. Or the want of it, more so. peace doesn't necessarily get you that piece of paper right away, but if i scare the other into giving to me I can get it now. If you ask nicely for it back, or for another piece of paper, you'll get it in a little bit or not at all if we run out. But no one is hurt, and no one is bitter and we can be friends. which is valued more?

that's just what I've seen. I get to start working with five kids during lunch once a week to talk about the reason they were suspended from school last year, and work wit them to make them into constructive leaders. It should be fun.

I miss the mountains, the water, and the trees. I miss the joy of non-complication. I miss the innocence.

I love the growth, the difference I'm making, the connections I've made. The challenge.

I can't have both.

"I'll miss the playgrounds and the animals and digging up worms
I'll miss the comfort of my mother and the weight of the world
I'll miss my sister, miss my father, miss my dog and my home
Yeah, I'll miss the boredom and the freedom and the time spent alone.

There's really nothing, nothing we can do
Love must be forgotten, life can always start up anew."