Sunday, February 21, 2010

one step at a time, don't be living on the line.

Coffee this morning, mint mocha. medium. from the perfect cup. i recommend it.
church today, and some good hymns.
young heroes yesterday, taught some kids about homelessness and that most homeless people are victims, not perpetrators. one quarter are veterans, one quarter emotionally disturbed, one quarter hopelessly addicted to drugs (large overlap here with emotionally disturbed), one quarter veterans abandoned by the system, one quaret children children. Average age: 11-14 years old. so who are you to wave your finger?

this week in starfish, video taped some awesome dance moves and a new song written by amari and varren. ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake, you should never have a party without ice cream and cake. Lazerick started us off with the worm and a spin on his torso. that third grader can dance!
I also posed as a basketball hoop for more time than most basketball hoops do. It made my arms tired, and since there were four balls in play it was beyond terrifying.
Thursday was a valentines day party, and some third graders were being ridiculous so ms. hannah and myself had a talk with a few of them. during one of these, one of them said he was going to jump out the window and kill himself. depressing. I took him aside and found out that he used to not get into trouble at school, used to have fun more often, but his dad died right before he was supposed to move to minnesota with him. His mom doesn't let him have fun at the house, only on weekends. Most kids don't like him because he lashes out in class because he can't at home. It was hard not to cry, but i did when i got home.

I also talked to all of the third through eighth grade teachers and planned out a service project to raise money for the susan g. komen foundation. they were for it. good sign.

the olympics are on. i spend my time watching them and reading sybil, alternating by the hour. Sybil is a good book, about a woman with multiple personality disorder. she has sixteen of them.

I'm going to go buy oranges, ten for a dollar. some kiwi, three for a dollar. probably some pita. and milk.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

January 24th

There comes a time when I need to run. Sunday was that day. I’ll admit, its been a while, but It needed to happen. I ran the three miles to the gym and then swam. I also realized that my sickness of last week destroyed me. I had to run/walk those three miles, and my arms weren’t pulling any water. I felt pathetic. I’m usually one of the faster people in this pool, but I couldn’t make it more than 100 yards before taking a breather.
The lanes are also tiny and I had to share, so I was right up next to the lane line. The creepy fat girl next to me groped me more times than could possibly be accidental. This did not help my immediate dislike of most fat people. I also thought she was an old lady, and then I saw her face and realized she was about my age. It was at this point I decided I would go lift weights instead of swimming. I Showered, dried off, and went to the weight room where I realized I couldn’t really move and the weight machines were really intimidating. So I left.
There is something to be said for walking down the street in shorts and a t shirt in the middle of January passing by people in their knee length north face down jackets thick wool hats. To make the juxtaposition even more real, and more importantly because I had burned more calories than I’ve taken in the past two days, I stopped and got a mango smoothie.
Flashback to Friday night:
I went to a store I recently found that sells large loaves of delicious bread for $2.50. I went to the counter to purchase said loaf, and the man behind the counter told me that I needed to spend eight dollars to use a credit card. I only had a dollar, and they were closing so I asked if I could run to the nearest Automated Teller Machine machine and get some money with which to pay him. He said I could just pay a dollar for now and get the rest to him next time I was there. I gained a little faith in humanity.
So today I went to a used bookstore and asked the clerk if he had anything by Hunter S. Thompson. He told me that Hunter comes and goes quickly, but he saw a paperback copy sitting on top of a row of books in the paperback section in the back of the store, on the second row from the bottom. He was right. It cost one dollar. Since I spent my last dollar on a loaf of bread, and he only took cash, I said I was going to run to the ATM quick and come back. He gave me the book and told me I didn’t need to hurry. I could have just walked away with it.
I’ve gone back since, and he remembered me. People amaze me. We all have such a great need to be loved. Some of us fulfill this by vying for others attention. Whether this be through arguing our point until we seem correct and wise, or showing off our bodies and working out. Some fill the hole with other things, drugs, alcohol, sex. Some seek women, men, or God. Some seek a desperate combination of these things.
And others have got it figured out. They give that hungry kid a loaf of bread for more than half off. They let him have the book without paying just yet. They trust the inherently evil stranger to pay them back. It’s things like this that let me know that there is a God.