Sunday, February 21, 2010

one step at a time, don't be living on the line.

Coffee this morning, mint mocha. medium. from the perfect cup. i recommend it.
church today, and some good hymns.
young heroes yesterday, taught some kids about homelessness and that most homeless people are victims, not perpetrators. one quarter are veterans, one quarter emotionally disturbed, one quarter hopelessly addicted to drugs (large overlap here with emotionally disturbed), one quarter veterans abandoned by the system, one quaret children children. Average age: 11-14 years old. so who are you to wave your finger?

this week in starfish, video taped some awesome dance moves and a new song written by amari and varren. ice cream and cake, ice cream and cake, you should never have a party without ice cream and cake. Lazerick started us off with the worm and a spin on his torso. that third grader can dance!
I also posed as a basketball hoop for more time than most basketball hoops do. It made my arms tired, and since there were four balls in play it was beyond terrifying.
Thursday was a valentines day party, and some third graders were being ridiculous so ms. hannah and myself had a talk with a few of them. during one of these, one of them said he was going to jump out the window and kill himself. depressing. I took him aside and found out that he used to not get into trouble at school, used to have fun more often, but his dad died right before he was supposed to move to minnesota with him. His mom doesn't let him have fun at the house, only on weekends. Most kids don't like him because he lashes out in class because he can't at home. It was hard not to cry, but i did when i got home.

I also talked to all of the third through eighth grade teachers and planned out a service project to raise money for the susan g. komen foundation. they were for it. good sign.

the olympics are on. i spend my time watching them and reading sybil, alternating by the hour. Sybil is a good book, about a woman with multiple personality disorder. she has sixteen of them.

I'm going to go buy oranges, ten for a dollar. some kiwi, three for a dollar. probably some pita. and milk.

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  1. i really like your blog. you should write another one.
    your favorite oldest sister