Monday, May 10, 2010

last week.

I worked an event called "White Sox service day". They play baseball.

I and a group of my peers prepared or "prepped" for the day all week long at a boys and girls club here in Chicago. I was given the privilege of cutting boards and carrying them up and down stairs for five strait days. It was so much fun.

Our lunches all week consisted of bread, avocados, artificial cheese, a tomato, a cucumber, some chips, and meat. Slim pickings, but free. I learned a few things:

a) I've become increasingly dissatisfied with my actual service as of late. The school year is winding down, so in class i have few things to actually do. I can sit and chat with a few kids who are smart and do their homework anyway, while my teacher prefers I stay away from those who aren't doing their work and are just disruptive. understandable, but frustrating. The only kid i can really make a difference for is Taquan. that's not to say the whole year was a waste, just recently.

b) I really miss building things.

c) I need to get out more.

On Saturday, I lead some twenty volunteers from the white sox volunteer organization in building the benches and bookshelves i prepared all week. I learned here that even though a person says and looks like a construction worker, brings their own tape measure and pencil, has a ponytail with many bands in it so it looks like a rat's tail, this does not all mean he knows what he is doing when it comes to building delicate things like bookshelves out of 1x12 boards. his were crooked and frustrating.

After this I went to my first baseball game since I was too little to care. It was the most uneventful thing I've ever witnessed. I didn't even notice when it started. I guess I'm still not a sports guy.

Little raindrops, goodbye.

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