Sunday, September 20, 2009


We finally got into the real deal training. Monday we met with someone from the Junior greatbooks foundation, a nonprofit organization meant to supply books and discussion to all ages. We learned how to be facilitators of discussion, practicing on pieces by Langston Hughes and folks like that. It was a really good discussion, and I learned a lot about how to lead one, but it's going to be much easier to lead a group of 8 people who are interested in the subject than 15-20 hyper middle schoolers who don't care. Wish me luck.
Back at king of glory, we had a talk about how to plan things, like reading nights to get the parents involved. The way he taught us went against everything we had just learned at the great books foundation. My whole team was in uproar afterwords, and it was amusing.
We also went to our school and the surrounding neighborhood this week, it looks pretty rough. The demographic info tells us that it is 89% black, 4% white, and the rest is other. I'm not racist, but that is an imposing statistic. Its a pretty poor area as well, and its a little frightening when all of the stores and restaurants have bullet proof glass between the employees and the customers. I'll live though.
My parents came this weekend, brought me free stuff. It was good. Saw my sister in her college. she has a pretty sweet art exhibit there. I went downtown today, met up with someone i graduated with. It rained. It was a good day. Now I'm watching Stephen pretend to shoot at pretend germans on the television. It's entertaining.


  1. i think your updates are fantastic and I'm really glad they have bullet proof glass to protect you from angry managers and what not.

  2. Perhaps the bullet proof glass protects businesses from citiyear crazies.

  3. Bennet,
    Great blog,
    makes us in Nigeria look like we're technologically incompetent, but keep up the good work. It is great being on the otherside of education isn't it?
    Mr. W in Nigeria