Thursday, September 24, 2009


Wednesday we got this couch from one of my roommates friends. It's a beast. Me and Stephen spent an hour and a half trying to get it in here.

A summary of events:

I was in my room. Stephen said he was going to go run, when he got back, we should move the couch in.
Stephen came back. he asked if I was ready, I said yes and dropped everything to join him.
We first tried the front door. We had it on its side, and because we are on the second floor and the front entryway is tiny, it went a little into our downstairs neighbors apartment to get it in the front entry way.
We got the couch lodged diagonally from a few inches out the front door to a few inches in our stairwell.
Greg came down and helped us get the couch standing on end, rotated, and lodged slightly different in the same fashion. This was not helpful. The couch is heavy. I am tired.
One of our downstairs neighbors came into the entryway, and suggested we wait for one of the men-folk she lives with to help us out. One came.
We decided, after further rotations and lodgings, that our steep back stair might prove slightly easier.
Carrying the couch down the stairs from our porch, Stephen and I moth smashed various toes and shins. We decided shoes were a good choice. We fetched our respective shoes. I was barefoot, Stephen already had socks on. He got his shoes on before me.
The couch was moved to the backyard, and maneuvered to the first landing of the stairwell. We stood it on edge, Jeanne came home and watched.
I took the top edge and pulled it up the stairs. My hand got smashed between the railing and the couch. I received moral support in the form of laughter at me, not with me. We were on the second of three landings.
Same procedure, now the couch is standing on edge on the second railing. We decided to take the spring off of our screen door so it wouldn't get in the way.
I was at the top of the stair, Stephen at the bottom. I couldn't maneuver the couch through the door, so we decided to switch positions.
The couch was taking up all of the stair space, so i climbed down the railing. Jeanne said this was stupid and dangerous, as it is a good twenty foot drop to the ground. I said I didn't disagree, but it was worth it. Stephen climbed up the rail.
I lifted the couch so it was horizontal. This means I was under it. we tried this approach for a half hour. Somewhere along the way the pane of glass in the screen door was broken. This was a tragedy, but made a pretty noise. We decided to try to saw the legs off because they were in the way. We have no saw, and the crafty beaver hardware store was closed, it was almost nine at night.
Stephen went and got one of our three serrated knives and tried that. No go. One of the downstairs men had a saw, we borrowed it. We took off three of the legs, the ones in the back, and returned the saw. The couch fit through the door, I took a breather and wiped the sweat from my brow. There was a lot.
We got the couch in the living room, and realized that the front three legs were still on, our couch was lopsided. We argued over who should go back for the saw. I was voted to do so, and after much arguing went. The doors downstairs were open, the downstairs man was sitting on his couch. I could still hear Jeanne and Stephen. This man heard us talking about getting the saw. I felt awkward, but asked anyway. He fetched the saw, once again.
We sawed off the rest of the legs, and returned the saw. We sat on our conquered sofa, even though it was very low.
I was hungry, as was Stephen. We got up to make food. We remembered the glass and cleaned it up with a broom and our hands. Stephen cut himself.
I got a bowl of cereal, as I was lazy, and Stephen made Progresso soup, because he "deserved a little Progresso"
I ate a kiwi.
We sat on our conquered sofa dn watched family guy.
I ate a sandwich.

My hand is swollen.

Before all of this went down, Greg and I went to a grand opening of a pizzeria and obtained free deep dish spinach pizza. It was delicious.

Free couch and free food, all in one day. It was a good one.

Training is almost done. Opening day is next Friday. I know who I am going to be working with in my "shared inquiry" junior great books sessions. It'll be a pretty good year.

We're almost into the real part of the year. Good news.


  1. I don't suppose there was any discussion about propping up the back part of the sofa up and leaving the front three legs intact? Just saying...

  2. you should make the door smaller so that couch can NEVER leave again.