Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First day. Summary.

So last night, there were periodic booms coming from my downstairs neighbors. These are yet to be explained.
I woke up this morning at 6:50, posotive that my alarm was set for too late and I had already missed all chances of making it relatively on time. I was wrong, it was 6:50. I showered, ate and went to the train by myself as my tow senior corps roommates had to be there at 7, and my other roommate has a bike and rode it, so as not to pay for the trains. That cheapskate. I made it uneventfully and on time to the school, where the festivities of my first city year day began.
These festivities started off with free bagels, of which I had two, because hey, free food. Then about forty five minutes later, coffee was brought out. About fifteen minutes later, someone finally directed us to stand in formation, where we learned what we would be doing for the day and did our physical training, which were all strikingly similar to various theater games I had played in high school.
Finally, we split into our "crazy teams" (can you tell we're going to be working with kids?) and went to different rooms throughout the school to paint them white. Our room was pink to begin with, but now is white as snow. we got done in an hour, and there was still one more before lunch, so we played some cheesy name game type activities. then we ate lunch, and since i forgot mine at the apartment, I stole more bagels, and some nice girl named Jenny gave me some cookies and rice cakes. me and my cheapskate roommate, Greg, then proceeded to fill our backpacks with six more bagels each, because, hey, free food. And there were three grocery bags still half full of them. After lunch, we finished the second coat of paint, cleaned up, debriefed, and got T-shirts that say city year on them. They ran out of mediums by the time I got there, so I have larges. drat. Then I rode the train home. Now I'm going to indulde in a turkey burger, strait off of the george foreman lean mean grilling machine.

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