Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Like Gasoline.

6:20 A.M.: Wake up to the red hot chili peppers

6:25 A.M.: Get out of bed, eat oatmeal, make coffee, take shower

6:50 A.M.: Get out of shower, put on uniform, walk to train station while drinking coffee

7:00 A.M.: Board the red line at Lawrence, standing because there are no seats

7:37 A.M.: Arrive at lake and state, transfer to green line platform toward Harlem

7:40 A.M.: Board green line

7:45 A.M.: My fantastic Junior great Books Discussion partner, Adrienne, joins me at Clinton

7:55 A.M.: Arrive at Central stop on red line. Meet up with Kiki and Ashley at the Dunkin across the street, introduce ourselves as city year, get awkwardly ignored.

8:00 A.M.: Cross street to local corner store, see Tim in his chevrolete everycar. accept ride. he pulls around the block.

8:02 A.M.: Stand on corner with Ashley and my Timberland shoe box. Get asked "you sellin them boots, playa?" agree to "playa", but not selling boots. Adrienne and Kiki go into store, introduce city year, recieve free beverages and rubber gloves.

8:07 A.M.: Get into Tim's car, turn down the wrong street twice, finally arrive at Howe school of escellence for a wonderful day of service

8:15 A.M.: After the whole team gets there and we brief the day, go outside and play "ride that pony" for a half hour with screaming children. Terrify them with height. Vow to stay away from the timid short ones.

8:45 A.M.: Kids line up for class, we disappear into our building.

8:56 A.M.: While paging Willie, the custodian, or "engineer", learn from one mother that she wishes to pull her child out of the after school program he is currently signed up for and put him in city year's "starfish corps" because she didn't realize we were back this year. fell good about self, the woman who runs the other afterschool program is borderline mentally capable and is horribly misguided in thinking A) she is better than us. B) she is going to use our floor (the principal is on our side, don't worry) C) she runs the building.

9:05 A.M.: Make "parts of speech" poster for the homework help room for 4th graders.

9:50 A.M.: Begin painting. white paint, two coats per room and more where there are horrible murals from last year to cover up.

11:30 A.M.: Finish first coat in first room, continue poster.

12:00 P.M.: Break for lunch, travel to another Dunkin and purchase heavenly coffee. Note the vagabonds on the street.

1:00P.M.: Begin on poster once again, but Jenna says I should paint. She is my team leader, and I am flexible, so I do.

3:30 P.M.: Tim, Hannah, and I are in the second room, for the second coat. the fumes have gotten to us. We are shouting loudly about getting not paint, but service on our pants. Also "this is Howe! THIS IS SERVICE!!!!" (that's a 300 reference) Jenna comes in and tells us not to frightne whoever may be downstairs. She is informed of a butterfly nest. I inform them all that "I ate all the butterflies" and proceed to explain this statement. (it's MIFA, folks)

4:15P.M.: Edging the third room, listening to Regina Spektor, The faint, and Margot and the Nuclear So and So's. Singing, "Control Control Control Control Control Control Control".

5:00 P.M.: Finally the day is winding down, we've cleaned up most things and are in final circle of the day. Jenna drives me home, as she lives by me.

6:15 P.M.: Arrive home shortly before Stephen, put on pajama pants and my strong bad sweatshirt I got for five dollars at the brown elephant thrift store. Go buy a burrito. Eat the delicious burrito while talking to Stephen about matters of importance. Stephen begins simultaneously cooking food and playing Rinbow six Vegas two on the xbox.

7:00P.M.: Jeanne comes home, we three sing and dance to "Don't stop believin'", watch various videos from the onion.

9:00 P.M.: I join Stephen in playing Rainbow Six vegas Two after discussion of which is more lame, him playing it or us watching him play it.

10:20 P.M.: Make lunch talk to Greg (who just got home), get ready for bed.

And here I am. Its been a good day, week, month, year so far.

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  1. oh Bennett! your are such an excellent writer. I love your blog. You have great stories. I love the MIFA reference! I hope everything is going great.