Saturday, October 17, 2009

cold, kind, and lemon eyes

Yesterday we had a perfect attendance challenge rally, which encouraged the kids to come to school everyday and gave them reasons for it. They could win a laptop if they have perfect attendance, which is pretty sweet. Also I was in a skit in it. I was a bad kid, i threw a pencil at Jenna and tripped Tim. I stopped coming to school as often, and got kicked off the football team even though I was the star player. Nosa was a good kid. He joined young heroes, a city year saturday service opportunity for middle schoolers, and young heroes in high school. I got arrested 3 times and didn't graduate. He graduated and plays football on a scholarship at UIC.

Today I went to a Howe football game, and we won. Twenty four to zero. After the game, one of the players told me I could have been on the team if I hadn't gotten locked up. Oh, how it warms my heart to hear that they listen and care.

My dear sister Emily and her friend Abby came last night, we made brownies and ate half the pan. Not a whole lot happened besides that, but it's for your health.

I don't eat meat any more.

This is the news from Uptown Chicago.