Sunday, November 8, 2009

I'm losing my mind, that's why I'm fine.

so there's this little round girl in starfish named Josselyn. she's in third grade but looks like she's four. she says things like "boy, i'm gonna smack you if you do that one more time!" She's a very angry little girl, but she's also the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

She walked into an empty room and grabbed her stomach and told no one that they better not hit her in the stomach again. no one.

she likes to dance, and has grabbed my hands and started to sing and dance with me when i'm trying to get her to sit down and do her homework during homework help. It's so hard to keep a strait face.

she opened her mouth wide open once to show us that she had chapped lips, but she didn't say this. she just opened her mouth and pointed to it.

I was helping her with her homework, and it was time to take a bathroom break. she didn't believe me that when we got back I would help her again, so she wrote a note "Mr. Bennett better help me with my homework when we get back or i will not come to city year again." I'm keeping that forever, even though she ripped it up when i came through on my promise.

once she was picked up by her grandmother and Nosa told her to tell her grandma what she had been doing all day, to which she replied "arguing..." her grandma told her she better not argue with us.

the next day she was much better and ran up to her grandma and yelled "I didn't argue today!"

it's things like this that get me though some days. and the hope that is in most of their eyes, no matter how much anger and hurt accompanies it. and there's plenty of those two to go around.

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